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Bradford pick up sponsorship from Asian business

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To turn the thread back on track. A dead animal to eat is a dead animal to eat. Is there really a nice way to kill one?

If it's a cougar, you just deny it sustenance and it drops dead from starvation.

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If you're referring to me, I'm a declared hypocrite on the issue.

(1) I love Bradford curries and go regularly to muslim curry houses. At the same time, I would prefer that all animals are stunned before slaughter. If all people who think like me were completely opposed to the Halal or Kosher slaughter method we would boycott curries and/or turn vegetarian.

(2) As a kid, my Dad kept battery hens in cages. Then, as a student, I worked in a research lab that did animal testing. In both cases, as a result of the passing years and dissociation from those practices, I'm far more concerned now about the animals' welfare than I was at the time.

i don't doubt your sincerity for a moment and i wasn't having a go on anyone on this forum, full of lovely people that it is, i was making a wry comment about the sudden explosion in concern for animal welfare amongst certain types. colour me cynical

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Goods news about the sponsorship and I hope Bradford fans support those businesses which have sponsored their club so it becomes mutually beneficial and self sustaining.

Having an Asian owner and increased support from the Asian community, I hope the club make the most of this and start to target that community for players and spectators.

We talk about expansion, rightly, but some clubs like Bradford have room to expand within their own city!

Im sure there has been initiatives in the past, but the club needs to do it properly and for the long term. It can be done I'm sure, but you need the right people to do it.

Just imagine the positive publicity the club and the game would get if clubs like Bradford et al were able to really boast a supporter base which genuinely reflected the community.

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