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Sponsor Presentation

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Would anyone have a template for a document to present to potential sponsors? We are founding a new club in Copenhagen and any help would be very useful.



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You might be better off asking on the Community forum.

Certainly some of the old RL Conference teams had superb sponsors documents and we exchanged them regularly for ideas.

Sadly I binned all mine when I handed over the reigns four years ago.

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Hi Bob 8,

To be honest there isn't really a generic sponsorship proposal that would work universally for each Rugby League organisation. For Denmark, I recomend something like this:

Dear potential sponsor,

We are currently looking at building a sponsorship portfolio to become partners with an exciting and new Rugby League club based in Copenhagen.

Rugby League is a fledgling sport in Denmark with an exciting future. We feel your business would be a great fit to form a mutually beneficial partnership.

We acknowledge that Rugby League is a lot stronger outside of Denmark right now (in particular England, Australia and New Zealand) so we are looking to help promote your brand both locally and internationally. Now is the perfect time to jump on board with the Rugby League World Cup less than a year away. This tournament will be shown in well over 100 countries with half a million spectators expected to physically attend the games.

We are offering the opportunity to have your businesses name acknowledged as a key partner in growing the sport in Denmark. Rugby League fans often like to travel and often unfamiliar with the country of Denmark, your brand/ business would be one that our fans would be totally familiar with thanks to your potential partnership with us.

Due to the relatively recent establishment of our club, we currently have all 4 levels of sponsorship available:

Level 1 Sponsor of Copenhagen Rugby League Club (insert price):

Naming rights to our club, logo on the front of our jersey, logo on our website etc,

Level 2 sponsor (insert price): : An offivial partner of Copernhagen Rugby League club. Name on back of our jersey, logo on website with link to business

Level 3 sponsor (insert price): : Media Partner. An offivial partner of Copernhagen Rugby League club. Business logo and link on Copenhagen Rugby League website amonst other features.

You might also want to include a bit about who you will be playing against, where you will be playing etc. The more information the better

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Thanks everyone.

Brooza, I have forwarded the brochure on, it is very impressive.

Ours was done by Tom Evans Graphic Design ( If you're interested, tell them we sent you. No idea if that will get you anything, but always good to let people know that their sponsorship is working :)

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