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Feeder clubs? - Eaton speaks

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Chris, you know wntirely what you are doing. I don't give a toss how you are trying to re-direct the thread. I do however care about my club. Your comments on here serve no positive purpose with regards to my club and may, by your inference, be doing them harm. I'm not well versed in libel laws but I'm not convincd your comment isn't libellous!B

Regardless, I'm reporting the post

I said it WASNT legally questionable as in

Morally if not legally questionable. It is in the eyes of many morally questionable hence the massive debate about it, but not legally questionable.

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You might want to edit your post then because "morally if not legally questionable" implies that something is immoral and might also be illegal.

Thanks NS

All through this 'discussion' I've repeatedly said that the activities of companies like probiz are entirely legal. Why would I change that view?

I don't have a problem with their relationship with the club either and I've said that repeatedly as well.

As ever you have a good point though.

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