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Who is running with it- The Bod

When does it start- This Season (now)

What is the target- As much as possible

Who will supply the updates and how often- Don't know, probably the BoD

Thanks Gary at least a none BoD member with conections at the ground CAN reply.

Just a note on your replys

I would doubt very much that the whole of the BoD will be running it, more likely the usual guys

When does it start, wel if we have had people buying them already then great lets get some numbers advertised weekly that will encourage others

As for the target, "as much as possible is a stupid reply IMO" you could end up with 100 or even 200 vice presidents and if you read the web site then what they are advertised to get would be difficult to acheive so again IMO a set agreed limit on numbers should be set

and also remember this may improve cashflow now but has to be atractive to those purchasing so long term it could take money out of the coffers

Despite the above i am still in favour and say good luck to the members that are running with it :)

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A 10 year payment plan would take away the point oif the excercise as the idea is to bring cash into the coffers now

Its called being ironic !

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Irony...some say our club is skint...I say we buy another one...

I crave attention but I'd prefere not to call attention to the fact...

They say obesity is the new smoking but I will bet they have a hard time banning it from restaurants....

You never know how much someone cares until you see how badly you can hurt them...


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Change it to Philosophy

"do nothing and nothing will happen"

"if it needs fixing then fix it"

"if it works then leave well alone"

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