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It's Back!

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Sheffield Hallam once the boundary review is completed. It's going to be redrawn so it covers a single house in Putney.

Not sure he'd even vote for himself, he's so universally despised.

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I've lived in Rotherham for over 40 years and despite my personal huge disillusionment with Labour ( never again after Iraq but that's another thread ) I'd be truly astonished if they don't get voted back in again. It's just what people do in Rotherham. However If I were a betting man I think Respect may nick a few votes from them this time around.

There has to be a reason why people habitually vote for one particular party whatever the general zeitgeist. No matter how bad things get I've no doubt the voters of Chelsea and Kensington will continue to vote Conservative. IMO that reason is that they believe that the Conservatives will "look after" their interests. I'd say the same reason explains why the voters of Rotherham habitually vote Labour. The Lib/Dems finished eighth in Rotherham so being in goverment seems to have scuppered the Lib/Dems ability to appear to be more Labour than Labour in areas like Rotherham and more Tory than the Tories in nearby Sheffield.

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