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All-Time favourite Player.

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I have tallied all the scores and taken the top ten plus ties which has left us with 14 players who gained most votes. It's now time to choose the winner which will be the player who gains most votes in this section.

Simple Rules.

1. Pick your favourite three from the list, that's three, trois, drei, one more than two.

Winner will be the one with most votes unless there is a tie. I'll sort that out if it comes to pass.

This is open to everyone, whether you picked your top ten or not and it's only for fun.

1.John Butler.

2. Ted Cahill.

3. Matt Calland.

4. Kel Coslett.

5. Henderson Gill.

6. Bobbie Goulding.

7. Alan Hodkinson.

8. Phil McKenzie.

9. Frank Myler.

10. Mark Nixon.

11. Malcolm Price.

12. Danny Sculthorpe.

13. Apesia Toga

14. John Woods.


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1 - Mike Kuiti - his visit to Darnhill County Primary School introduced me to the sport

2 - Matt Calland - possibly the best and most consistent player to pull the shirt on

3 - Danny Sculthorpe - never a dull moment, Gareth Hock has more than a hint of D.Scully about him!

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1. Bobbie Goulding - Bobbie came to Hornets when we had nowt, players, coaches, money, nothing. He'd sneak onto local pitches with a bag of balls and hold a training session with a handful of players from, well whereever he could get them really! We got beat badly for a few weeks then Gouldings promptings came through and we kicked some ass. After being certs for relegation we saved it and the next season we took on relegated Castleford and Bobbie was intrumental in beating them at home with a penalty from half-way and a cheeky drop which the Cas fans laughed like drains at, until it became the deciding score, they stopped laughing then!!

2. Matt Calland - A local lad who always gave 100% whenever he pulled on a shirt of any colour. I always remember a game at Spotland against 'Haven. Haven were given a very dodgy-looking try which gave them the lead with time close to running out. There was a scrul and our fullback sprinted away and headed for thie l;ine, he looked like he'd make it at first but he was reeled in so he flicked the ball inside for who?? Yes, there was Mattto take the pass and score under the black dot. Game, set and match.

3. Alan Hodkinson - Alan was a great clubman, he played for us for years and even toured Australia once. The cheeky gits let Hodky do all tthe donkey-work against the club sides but never gave him a cap but he didn't moan about it. He eventually moved on to Barrow and I think he ended up with a Lancs Cup winners medal. Thanks for the memories.


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