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St Albans Centurions Get New Stadium For 2013

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Cheers gents, we are chuffed with this, being in charge of our own ground is another step forward for the club.

The interesting bit for us is ..... "The council, who have proved very supportive to the Cents, have also hinted that if everything goes ok, they would consider putting money into the stadium in the future to upgrade or build facilities".

We know what we have hinted at, and didn't get knocked back, but it would be wrong to announce anything that wasn't a done deal yet, but you can hope. In the meantime, having our own 'stadium' to welcome teams to next year is something we are all looking forward to.

I remember you telling us about this when we were over in St Albans with the Sonics. Great to see it's come off, and I look forward to hopefully following the Sonics there next season in Conference League South :)

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