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A titter before christmas and the season

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Hope you had a good Christmas

Just one before I pack my bags.

Two old guys sat talking. First one: 'I ache all over I am really feeling old' Second old guy: Oh I feel like a new born baby' 'Really?

'Yes I have no hair, no teeth and I have just wet myself'.

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Going tomorrow-Don't all shout hurrah!

A man has an appointment with a specialist

He walk into the consulting room and puts down a note. It reads:

'Can't speak please help'

The specialist considers for a moment and then tells the man to put his appendages on the table.

The man thinks this is strange but the doctor is a specialist. So he does so.

The doctor then picks up a large mallet and brings it down with all his force.


'Very good' says the specialist. 'An excellent result. Come back tomorrow and we will try 'B',

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