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Won,t be going next season?

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Hi all

I have not posted on here since 2009 when i last attended a Oldham match,at the end of that season with the birth of a son and 26 years of investing time and money into Oldham RLFC i called time on the club, i could take no more the deteriation of the club and playing standards pushed me into this decision which i do not regret, but what i do regret is that my passion for RL as a whole has waned. I once used to attend Wembely, Premeirship/ Superleague final, semifinals and all internationals and when Oldham were not playing would go to another match.

I was and have always stated that hamilton and his cronies (when he has had them) must be congratulated on forming the club and for the first 4 or 5 years i bought into the visions and in particulary loved the time playing in Ashton but the the lack of transparancey (how on earth could an accountant not sort the tax bill out) along side the dross served up on the feild, it got to the point i could no longer invest into HIS club, i do now blame him for the near obilteration of this once famous club and looking from the outside i would rather it disapeared and people would then remember the good times as we always look back with roses tited glasses.

What do other ex fans think of the following points:

Has RL as a whole died for you

Has RL as a whole died in Oldham (dads not taking their kids anymore, not getting the bug and playing)

If you follow a new club who and why

Can you see yourself going back if still outside of super league

and finally what decision made by Hamilton made you cringe the most, mine was the envolvement of Councillor Battye in the club, need to say no more.

Having read many recent posts how many who have said they won't be going next year won't?

Have a merry Christmas

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Good but sad post.I`ll answer as asked:

1)RL for me hasn`t died as a whole- the coverage on Premier Sports is great.Don`t watch Sky (don`t have it).But,overall,RL WAS Oldham,been going since 1964 (on my Dad`s shoulder getting in throught the turnstiles free).When I left Oldham,the only time I didn`t go was when I was working abroad.

2)Don`t know as I don`t live in Oldham any more:but for sure you don`t see anyone with scarves/shirts knocking around the town when I do go back.

3)Don`t follow a new club - watch North Wales in Wrexham when I go and visit my son who lives there:great atmosphere as anyone who went there to last season`s match will confirm.

4)The issue for me is not SL :it`s a closed shop and we`ll never get there.The issue is pure and simply CH :the mismanagement (eg tax -agree with you about the absurdity of it!!),nil leadership (eg communication),ego (eg the way he treated BQ),ego/mismanagement (the way he kept on TB).What I cannot accept is the obviously furtive dealings with the Salford `arrangement` (link up/partnership ??) :he really must think people are stupid or he`s so desparate to keep his money.If he`d`ve been upfront about it (oh,yeah !),then I wouldn`t`ve liked it but I would have respected the honesty - but no.

5)`Cringe` isn`t the word but pee off is better : when he failed to sort out TB.He really is a model (I remember those John Cleese training skills films when I was a trainee years ago) of how not to manage,never mind lead , a business.He`s been treating the fans (`customers`) with distain for years.

6)I was excited by Scott`s appointment initially but this link or whatever has turned it all sour:simply put,I don`t believe what CH is saying -if he had no choice because of RFL pressure(which I understand),he should have said so..Whether I`m right or wrong is irrelevant as I`ve made my mind up.Instead of going to every match regardless,I`ll go when it suits,eg when visiting relatives.I bought a season ticket but have stopped the cheque and sent it back.

Sorry for long answer -didn`t think I had that much to say-ok,moan -about !!A good question also would be ;``what would make you go back and go regularly again ?`` For me,my mind`s made up while CH is the owner so I`ll go and attend selectively;if he left and his replacement (oh,yeah) was credible,then THAT would help change my mind.

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contrasting point but heres my two penneth from a recent RL convert

I was not broguht up in a pro rugby league family, my dad grew up in Sholver and saw a few games when he was a lad such as playing OZ and my Great Gran used to work behind the bar at Watersheddings and she had a few stories. But i was always brainwahsed into football and had an ignorant view about league with union rammed down your throat by the media.

So fast forward to uni and i met a lad who played for lancs and was coaching his local kids outfit near Blackburn and with tactical knowledge and a sky subscription i started to gain a liking for rugby league. Started to read into the sports history and bought a book from Oldham Waterstones about the Aussie and Kiwi tours against Oldham and realized how great things must have been pre 1997. It made me sad that id missed it but i wanted to see the product for myself.

So i dediced to go watch a game live and although i live in Salford, i thought its got to be my own towns team so i started doing some research and finally first ever Rugby league game was watching Oldham vs London Skolars at BP.

Again fast forward now ive been too my to a good few games, from great moments like the first game at Whitebank to depressing times such as losing to York at in the Playoff Final.

So now me and my mate bought our first ever season tickets last week. Club politics aside were looking forward to the season. I appreciate we both havent had to put up with a large amount of false promises that some vetrans have on here. But i think if the ground can get its self upto scratch and Mr Naylor can finally drag us out of the basement then the club could become fitting of its name.

As for RL on the whole i think that PR needs to come back to revive the game below SL, but i still think as it is now SL is a quality product on the whole. There seems to be too much infighting between fans in different leagues which the RFL is partly to blame

But anyway after life history ramble my point is i think the potential for floating younger fans like myself is there and if we have more people trying to entice rather than deter we could do alright

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Thanks for the posting Mackin 89 refreshing to read something positive about the game in general and Oldham in particular rather than the stuff written by WM . Rest assured you are not the only ones looking forward to the new season with optimism . I think its fair to say that I have had my share of disappointments whilst supporting Oldham but unlike some I have never lost my enthusiasm for the game and after too many years of decline I sense that there are signs that this year will be the start of a long overdue recovery for Oldham both on and off the field . If I am right you have hopefully picked the perfect time to pitch your lot in with the Roughyeds.

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Ruffyed, i have to agree with your comments regarding Mackin 89, and it is refreshing to hear his enthusiasim for the game, i wish i had it but sadly it is lost whatever drew me into its web and held me there for many a year.

I often look at my relationship with rugby League as a now defunct marraige, great at the start, plenty of good times, quite a few periods of sad times, and the breakup. I am now at the nostalgic period looking back with rose tinted glasses not really able to free myself, maybe one day the candle will be rekindled.

just a footnote to Mackin 88, it was,nt all great before 1997, it was a struggle as it is now but i loved it. hope success comes your way.

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Sounds like you haven't totally given up on Oldham or RL Wally ...sincerely hope you regain your appetite for the greatest game and hope that you have not seen your last Oldham game as the club can ill afford to lose genuine supporters like you....lets hope that the new coaching set up and the new team justify my and Mackin89's optimism for next season and are able to produce winning and entertaining performances that will prompt you to give the Roughyeds another try .. you never know you might just get the bug again .

All the best whatever .

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