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Odsal Outlaw

Bulls sign Sidlow from Salford

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Patten single handedly destroyed the Giants at Magic weekend too, if he hadn't played that day the Giants would have won. Simple as that.

Agreed - but all our backs were good and we showed a lot of fight that day. Probably our best day of 2012/?

He was great in attack. He was moderate when defending, but to be fair if we had a better pack this would have been less noticable. He probably spent more time defending in 2 years with us than in the rest of his career :lol: - but when we got it right and gave him room to play for a win, he was class.

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i liked big adam when he was with town, but thats when he was playing for a big club lol. in all seriousness i hope the reds can get a buyer or a decent investment, we had our problems a long time back and i wouldnt wish that on anyone not called haven

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