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Honor James

Chairman Hughes's rallying call to Broncos fans

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That was the Marketing for the year!.. :D

Lets hope the Bronco's can pull things around this year.. a good team on the pitch will hopefully help bring back some of the lost fans from previous seasons.

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Interesting to see that the 40% spending cap wasn't introduced to stop clubs over spending. It was brought in it says to protect "global Super League". So to stop us spending money buying the best SL Australia players.

Looks like it worked then as no clubs are going bust

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Hughes realises how important home support is to a successful team and making The Stoop a daunting place for visiting teams can make a huge difference.He is urging season ticket holders to re-new and therefore the renewal deadline has been extended to 31st January. The renewal price will apply to any previous season ticket holders from the 2010, 2011 and 2012 season who have not yet renewed

In plain english what this is saying is that Season ticket sales are going badly. Depending upon who you believe the club last year had 1100 - 890 season ticket holders (though I was told a 650 figure but like the "Les Kiss is helping out Tony Rea" yarn from last year I have learned not to trust stories on the train or Twickers platform that are more sauced that sourced... )

We had about 742 IIRC at the Dewsbury CC game last year. When the crowd figure was read out a voice behind me said "this is like Crusaders" indeed and I reckon the club will do well to sell 700 this year. Last year I had hoped for a bounce once Rob Powell had got the "spanish archer" as we say down here but to no avail. The Club's hardcore really has gone elsewhere.

Like I have been posting for a number of years on this board it's not all down to a seriously underperforming team, though that is the main factor. Other issues are:

The legacy of the free tickets - The trailer trash that turned up at that time and the negative publicity a sport that could not GIVE tickets away left

The lack of atmosphere at a ground with a 15,000 capacity that is now too big for the club with the fans spaced out between stands as the fans themselves wanted

The uncertainty about the clubs home, created by the club itself.

Not so much the lack of a marketing strategy more like the lack of ANY strategy in a club that lurches from one PR Disaster to another

The folly of cheap tickets priced at £ 10 per game or £ 99 per season which conditions fans into believing that is what the club (and the game) is worth . Thus when you charge an economic £ 20 per game or £ 140 per Season Ticket. The same fans have their excuse not to attend or perhaps wait for a be offered.

I kinda wonder about what other club the Broncos could be compared with

Maybe the Jacksonville Jaguars of the Rugby League, i.e a Club - That underperforms,that gets poor crowds, that play one game a year elsewhere to drum up support, that is a franchise contstantly rumored to be on the move to LA or London even..

Or perhaps Lashings CC, David Folb's private invitational cricket club, a bit like the David Hughes Invitational XIII which a few of us have cottoned onto the fact we have been watching these past few years and no I don't know how Folb pays the bills either.

If you asking yes, I have indeed renewed my Season ticket, joining the other sad, mad and bad attendees in the deck chairs listening to the band play on in 2013 while the lifeboats go further away and the SS London Broncos finally sinks to its final resting place...

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Serious question: why were the people who turned up to the free game 'trailer trash'?

Easy, those with little interest in the sport and who would not and have not returned if asked to pay. mainly out of season soccer fans who got easily bored. As I have stated before on this board, and there was a time when there were a few on here who had met me and could back this up, but the only time I have EVER been threatened at a RL match here or in Australia / New Zealand in 17 seasons is at Bronquins during that period.

We have had a couple of years of cheap / discounted tickets and suffice to say there have been, I gather an increase in complaints about spectator behaviour over the past few years at the ground and not all to do with away fans. If you come to any sporting event for the first time and have a bad experience it does put you off going again. The same applies even to long standing supporters who receive the same treatment who feel treated with contempt by their club.

The club has responded this season by giving allocated seating to season ticket holders, but this is two years too late, put it this way if we were at their arena of choice, a soccer ground,. If you have problem with a group or an individual it is row and seat number and the club can track down who was sitting there, you cannot do this with unallocated seating. This is not the only reason why allocated seating was brought in . As one woman stated at the ONLY fans forum we had at the beginning of last season most London fans travel very long distances to come to the ground and then find out the prime seating is occupied by those more interested in following how Fulham are getting on at Manchester United on their mobile than whatever is going on in front of them.

Another reason for the dwindling fanbase to be peeved amongst many. But back to you original point .I call it how I see it and trailer trash it is.

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