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New Home shirt

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When I ordered my new shirt I decided to go for the 'Fat Git' range of 2XL and it is just right. Long enough and plenty of room without feeling tight and the material is very good indeed. I have always been against these acrylic type meterials but the new ones are quite soft.

I think the lads will look great this season in this retro shirt and lets hope they can make it a winning kit. I can't wait for the new away shirt to come now.

Anyone else any views?


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I to have enquired at Samurai direct (no response at all) & the club if they can get me a player issue/fit shirt, The club have asked me my size etc but i am still awaiting an answer, fingers crossed as its a lovely shirt.

My cynical side and experience suggests, Hornets + merchandise + commercial = borderline ######. So im not holding my breath.

Spoke to Stanky about these requests and getting my hands on some training gear for the gym before he left and guess what, he was bang on with emails and advising me what he may be able to do.

Hopefully as i said the club will come back to me with yes or a no before next christmas.

Last years shirt i ended up ordering direct from O'Neills and again they where great, even putting me a No on my shirt for a small fee. I did this due to going upto the club a couple of times and they didnt have any away shirts, didnt know when they where getting them and i seemed to be a bit of a pain in the ###### if im honest.

So i spent my £75 at O'Neills (bought the shorts as well).

Its always been the same, its a shame really.

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