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Non-Playing Membership

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We will soon be announcing a new club in Copenhagen. There will be player fees and we also hope to charge non-playing member fees.

Non-playing members will get a polo shirt, but is there much else that we can offer? Members would get a vote and the option of being on a mailing list, and free tickets to games and internationals. However, clearly people would mainly pay to give support and I wonder how we can make it worth their while?

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Saw an article from Wales yesterday offering membership for £15, you got the normal bits and bats and the first 1000 get there name built into the design of the match day shirt, nice touch as you can bet if you've paid £15 to get your name on there chances are you'll be buying a shirt to try and find your name.

Virtual programmes would be something clubs could offer to entice fans from further afield to part with cash, if you don't produce a match day programme, you could do something and distribute it to members via Issuu, get yourself an app called Pages (£10 or so on a mac I'm sure there's similar for PC) and invest a bit of time and effort and you can throw out something half decent, just producing a 2nd issue myself for Manchester Futsal club.

I see Ebsfleet and myfootballclub have started to offer "match day packages" for £6.25 and you just get two fans commentating from what I can gather and a pdf of the programme, whilst match day commentry maybe a pain, for big matches might be worth a look, the lads at Leigh seem to do a good job via Leigh Life at next to no cost. Or some sort of text/chat room commentry might work, there's a lot of geeks amongst us who I'm sure would be interested!

Easiest way to get me to part with my cash is a decent range of merchandise, last few months have seen me add a Fiji shirts PNG t-shirt and red star belegrade hoodie and shirt to the collection, so any discount as a member would be another offer.

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