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Here is a question that should be asked before contemplating a move to anywhere

What does London Broncos stand for and who does the club represent ?

If you play for Wigan you play for arguably the most easilty recognised Rugby League name worldwide and you represent a tradition at that club.

If you play for Castleford, the club with the most "local" (i.e come from within 10 miles of the ground)fanbase in the game, you probably grew up there and as a Cas Tiger you represent a community and a club which puts a nondescript northern town on the sporting map.

And so on within the game..

But what does London stand for ?

It seems a simple question without a simple answer.

London as many have pointed out is a big place. Leyton Orient represents an East End of London Club not a club with which people in the North, West or South would associate with even if you changed the name to London Orient.

London Broncos are in West London, where the club originated as Fulham, it has spent the majority of its years as a West London Club like it or not but has it ever been defined what the club stands for and who it represents.

In the old days it was a largely antipodean club and that was the main accusation pointed at it from the North but it had a sense of unity at least amongst the players. As the antipodean influence has waned the club seems unsure of its identity, and for six years had someone else's identity as Harlequins and now seems confused as to what it is and who it wants to attract.

Out of season soccer fans on a jolly

Local residents of Whitton & Twickenham (or Tower Hamlets and Banglatown)

Out of season Rugby Union fans

The transient Antipodean community

Expat Northerners seeking a Rugby League Fix

Anybody who wants a free ticket

Resolve this question and IMO you are a step closer to deciding where the club should go.

It should be the part of London has the best chance in the long run (10 years time to mature - ie when kids have grown up with the tean) to get a strong local (within a radius of 3 miles) following. IMO it should be somewhere with a big population density but no major football or RU team nearby. Leyton, Streatham/Mitcham, Brentford or further East are good candidates

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Announced today that the London Grand Prix will be at the Olympic Stadium. Sure the Broncos will getva good deal at Crystal Palace.

Yes I also think this is a good shout, transport links arent brilliant but there not terrible either, theres a number of stations which service this stadium.

London and/or the RFL would have to fund work to move the stand closer to the pitch or remove the track. The other thing about this stadium is the park and land around it, its perfect for fans to visit and as a large sporting complex it would also make a great training centre. But the chances of all this happening is minimal.

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