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£17 to get in

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Aye, but how many West Yorkshire folk are going to go to Wigan to watch a football match?


Too true there all sat in the pubs wearing their Man, U, tops.

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£17 is more than reasonable in my humble opinion.

It would be very dangerous to follow the Bradford route and give our product away, we should be building a "premium" brand. We will gain nothing by racing to the bottom and being regarded as "cheap".

Essentially, you get what you pay for. Pay peanuts, get monkeys. Pay a premium, get a quality product.

Your 100% right.

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Ya pays ya money, ya takes ya choice.

If the extra £2 to get in at Fev (as opposed to say Dews) is having too much impact on personal finances, family budgets or just simple ar_seyness of any individuals with the hump on, jealousy of rovers OR just wishing to abstain... c'est la vie, we'll have to do without their entrance fee.

If any Rovers fans choose not to visit Hunslet because they perceive they are being discriminated against, c'est la vie. Hunslet will have to do without their cash! - I have to say, I can't for the like of me understand why one would make that stance, but each to their own!!

I will be at the SLS talking cobblers with the Brethren and shouting the lads on regardless of Hunslet's charging policy.

I really don't get this thread....

If anyone doesn't want to go anywhere for whatever reason.....DON'T!!!!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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