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The King Of Leon

17 quid to get in at Featherstone

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I go home and away with my club mate so I'd say that makes me pretty much a fan of hunslet wouldn't you?? I'm not embracing any link up but if its what it takes for hunslet to survive then it needs to be done I'm afraid...... When did fev be one a desirable place to live?

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Sooner live in a village any day than that shitole south Leeds PAL, how old are you 10 because embracing a tie up with Leeds your not a propa Hunslet fan, its embarassing to a lot of real Hunslet fans i know, just read Brian Macs statement about releasing the latest 2 players to you, there using you old lad plain and simple

Your forgetting that the big clubs like Leeds sign a lot of the Hunslet lads up when there 14 ish , so who's feeding who , of the top of my head , who are from Hunslet area , Gary Schofield , Mick Shoebottom , David Cresser , Macentosh Brothers , and many more Paul Mcshane , jordan Baldwinson

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