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Batley Bulldogs v Halifax: Pitch Inspection

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I seem to remember [admittedley 50 years ago] that during the good old day of proper winter rugby,the frost used to set in from around Xmas until towards the end of February.

However i'm sure all teams complrted their fixtures before the required date.

I do recall one memorable end of season weekend when we played Blackpool away on the Saturday and Huyton away on the following day.

Iremember three or four of us having a very good night in Blacpool with George Standedge and Stan Gittins.

They were due to play the next day,we were not.

The results of the games are lost in the mists of time.

It's sometimes good to look back on the expriences of watching Batley over the years.The memories are generally very good[especially the away matches]even though the results may have been disappointing.

Maybe someone else has some to share.

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