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Strictly Nostalgia or what might have been

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Anybody know which ropati that is playing for Warrington, good strong centre and having a great game in that clip and as for les Boyd what a player he was, but a dirty bast##d.

think it would be joe ropati

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I don't think there's much more than that clip online.

I did watch the match on TV, which may have been extended highlights instead of the whole match - can't remember details that far back. The fact that the footage was shown doesn't mean it was recorded by anyone and kept long enough until the birth of youTube, though.

The strips were normal for the era. It was still a few years before tighter (harder to grab) shirts were introduced. And even more years before Clive Woodward invented the idea. ;)

it was highlights of around 50 mins on the RL ACTION programme as thats what they showed for all games they covered. i kept it on video until i started to transfer my games to dvd and im guessing it could be my recording that was posted on youtube as i sent it out to a number of people . on the other hand someone else may have also kept it on video from that time .

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