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Debate...... Rugby or Football

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Rugby is a game played by men with peculiar shaped balls :rolleyes:

Rugby League the game played in heaven.......If Jesus had wanted to play soccer he would have had 10 disciples or union 14 disciples.

Soccer a game where the players pretend to be hurt- rugby a game where the players pretend not to be hurt

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My thoughts on both RU and soccer are that they are very good at promoting and putting on an occasion but not much good at providing a spectacle. In RL, we tend to do the opposite - can't manage the occasion (i.e., marketing to attract a decent crowd) but invariably provide a stunning, sporting spectacle.

Football speccies look at the size of the crowds they attract as indicating the quality of the product on show. If this were true, then WWE and American Football (the best supported sports in the world) are top of the tree in terms of quality, as is Eastenders on TV. Nuff said, methinks.

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