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2013 Rugby League Tipping Competition

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Rugby League Tipping Competition 2013 Rules.

1. Each week players will play each other on a league basis.

2. Each week there will be an overall table.

3. All matches due to be played each week will count.

4. Guesses must be made before kick off! BUT if you miss Thursday's games you can still guess on the weekend games.

5. When guessing please put your guesses in the same order as I list the fixtures.

6. If you make a typo (eg you meant to put 22-12 and you put 22-112) I will have to put that down as your score (unless you correct it before kick off!).

7. There will also be 5 bonus points for selecting the first Barrow Tryscorer.

8. Pick one match each week as a Joker - this will score double points!

9. If one player from any match does not post the win will be given to the other player. who will also be given an average of the weekly point scored, of both the winners and losers of each match. I.E. Winners 64/8 and losers 48/8 would give a score of 8 - 6. This will apply to the non poster but in reverse of course i.e. 6 - 8.

Scoring System For 2013.

For the individual matches.

1. We just predict the scores of the rugby league matches each week and score points accordingly i.e

Barrow V Featherstone 24 - 16

and you score points accordingly:This was the scoring system for last year, there will be additions if we decide to use the league format!


1 Point for the correct result (Home win/ Away win or draw)

2 Points for the correct result and 1 score correct

4 points for the correct result and both home and away scores correct as well


Team A 14-10 Team B

Player 1 14-8

Player 2 12-11

Player 3 8-10

Player 4 14-10

Player 1 would get 2 points (correct result and 1 correct score)

Player 2 1 point (Correct result)

Player 3 no points (Even though they got correct score they got the result wrong)

Player 4 4 points (correct result and both scores)

These are the same rules as used in other competitions.


Barrow V Featherstone 24 - 16

If this was the correct score you would score 4 points

For The League Matches.

2. An overall win will score 3 points.

3. A draw will score 2 points for each player.

4. Defeat scores 0 points

Hope this helps!

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Round 4 Fixtures

1. Barrow V Batley

2. Leeds V Melbourne

3. Bradford V St Helens

4. Hull V Warrington

5. Wigan V London Broncos

6. Castleford V Catalans

7. Wakefield V Huddersfield

8. Salford V Hull K.R.

9. Dewsbury V Whitehaven

10. Featherstone V Hunslet

11. Keighley V Swinton

12. Leigh V Doncaster

13. Workington V Sheffield

14. York V Halifax

League Fixtures Round 4

1. Livo V FOB

2. Michael Ashton V Dhuggybear

3. STW V Nick07

4. Soss V Richie Keay

5. Paul Ballantyne V Walneyite

6. Shun V Blue Moon

7. Blue Forever V Robmac

8. Scrumhalf V Bearman

Bye: Steve75 Will be used if there is a non poster!

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