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midlands premier lineup

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On the Bristol website says it will be: Bristol Sonics A, Gloucestershire Warriors, Cheltenham Old Patesians, Oxford Cavaliers, Somerset Vikings, Swindon St George

Apparently it's called the All Golds premier.

Only really London and the South East to be confirmed from England now.

Thought some Welsh involvement was expected.

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Having thought about it I quite like a bigger division rather than multiple smaller ones, even if the fixture list isn't full H+A. It looks better, particularly if a club can't see the season out.

Even if a couple more join next year (e.g. Leamington and Derby) and nobody steps up to Southern Conference I'd rather have a 12 division than 2x6.

And down the line gives more scope to move towards home and away.... 12 teams playing h+a is 22 fixtures, plus play-offs etc etc - I'd say that was a long term strategic point fulfilled!

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