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what do you really want?

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I'm sure that the Club have been deliberately sat with their fingers up their proverbials just to drag out the whole scenario. I mean who'd really want to return to their Club's home town, have a stadium that they can call "home" and get the income from bar and catering on match days rather than shelling out to LSV every other week through the season!!!

Granted, the Club's communications have often been a bit slow and I'm sure that if they had a full-time team working on the applications and smoooozing the powers that be, things could possibly have been done quicker......but sometimes I really do wonder about some comments on here. :huh:

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We are gravitating evermore towards the Aussie system of an untouchable franchised top division and feeder leagues. Just because it is being steadily imposed doesn't mean I have to like it. We have seen the RFL's sheepishness in following all things Australian many times, for me a lot of the changes don't suit UK sporting culture and this is a step too far.

Very good points made here Phill. I've been saying this for years, that our beloved RFL will go to any lengths just to go down the same crazy path which the Aussies have done for many years. It's almost as if they're ashamed of our very own British RL culture and they're blind to the fact that the game of rugby league was born NORTH of the Equator, NOT south of it.

If only we could get the RFL to behave as it did in the days of Bill Fallowfield and David Oxley et al.

Maybe the RL pendulum will one day swing back to where it came from, who knows.

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