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Who will finish bottom of Super League this year?

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Can see London improving this year now Tony Rea is back. He'll get more out of the squad than Rob Powell did.

Widnes should be better. A year wiser, Goz Hock, Kevin Brown must be better than who they replace.

Salford should improve as the season brings some stability off the field. They must have space under the cap to bring people in as the season goes on.

Bradford - not sure how much they've improved, but they're going to be short of cash this year with a smaller Sky budget.

Cas - think Ian Millward's limitations as a coach were shown up last season. Short of cash and can only see them struggle this year. Expect Mr Millward to be the first coach to be looking for a new job.

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It'll Be Salford , stripped of a Dozen of their better players including all their Playmakers - Smith to Wigan - Holdsworth To Hull - Moon to Leeds - Sean Gleeson to Hull KR & Patten Retired.

Veivers had only been Able to Add Dixon , at best a Squad player for Saints , And Martin Gleeson who is at best a calculated risk .

So at present we sit with a Squad of 23 , 7 of which are Promoted U20's players with hardly a SL games experience between them ,

Even if the much lauded takeover is completed next week , the calibre of Players available to Recruit now will be limited , cue talk of players like Ryan McGoldrick ..

The only Quality Englishman went to widnes.

Salford have acres of room in their Salary Cap , but is there the quality of players out there to bother spending good money on?

My Guess is there will be a Half Dozen 1 year deals on journeymen to drag us through the season + some Loan deals.

All the emphasis will be on recruitment for 2014 .

Even if the New men have 3 quality Imports ready to go , it'll will be weeks - months before they land and weeks after that before they possibly gel .

Cas- Widnes - Wakey - London have either bought steady imports and broadened their squads with some top 8's cast-offs .

Even with my Reds Tinted spectacles it would take a Houdini-esque trick to elevate us from 14th. by a distance. or 8th ;)

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