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 Gav Wilson

York College on the Up!

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I went to watch the game against Wilberforce College yesterday afternoon and as you know, the wind was so strong it meant I could hardly stand up in it at times and with the regular squally heavy showers, the weather couldn't have been worse, but it didn't stop me enjoying the game. York won but I don't know the score as I missed the first 15 minutes and they were already leading according to a lad I asked who was just trudging off after being subbed as I arrived. As I was the only spectator there was nobody else to ask apart from the coach and he seemed to be so busy having to do everything himself including running the line that I didn't like to interupt him! He was so well wrapped up against the elements I couldn't even see who it was but I assume it must have been Jack Stearman. Whoever it was, he was doing a heroic job! There looked to be some talented players on show and I can recommend a ride down to Sim Balk Lane for the 2.00.p.m. kick offs to anyone with a couple of hours to spare on a Wednesday afternoon, starting on the 13th February for 3 consecutive weeks for their last 3 games of the season. I'm sure you will enjoy it. Mark it on your calendar!

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