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Kenilworth Tiger

Paul Wood playing for Swinton Sunday

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To be fair, he did play for our academy so he's a York lad at heart. :D

I'd be very disappointed if my club did this though, we've been assured it's for young lads to gain experience and in turn give us a boost in our weaker positions. Only problem is, the more clubs play seasoned Grand final and Challenge Cup winners in their squads, the more fear there will be that we'll be relegated if we don't join them. There's now a massive panic and fear of relegation for the lesser clubs in the Championship, and some SL clubs are using this to their advantage. Worrying times for us lesser clubs.

Aye, the genie's out of the bottle now. It's one of the reasons I could not agree with those who said lets run with it and see how it works out. :(

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So where will these players play?

They have been outlawed from the academy, you want them outlawed from the DR scheme - where do they play?

Clubs are within their rights to have a squad of 25 27 year olds if they want, players have a right to play.

Super league clubs should run a `A` team, NCL clubs have to in tier 3

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