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Town v Halifax

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Time to look forward, and try to get a big crowd for the Halifax match. In case you are interested the Halifax squad is as follows (players who didn’t play in round 1 have their squad number bracketed):

1. Ryan Fieldhouse FB,

2. Rob Worrincy W,

(3). Steve Tyrer C,

4. Lee Paterson W/C,

(5). Wayne Reittie W,

6. Paul Hanforth SH,

7. Anthony Thackeray SO,

8. Tony Tonks F,

9. Craig Ashall H/LF,

10. Luke Ambler P,

(11). Dane Manning SR,

12. Andy Bracek SR,

13. Scott Murrell LF,

14. Karl Ashall H,

15. Adam Robinson P,

16. Ben Heaton FB/C,

(17). Sam Barlow F,

(18). Anthony Bowman SO/LF,

(19). Mick Nanyn C,

20. Iain Davies P,

(21). Iain Morrison P/SR,

23. Callum Casey SR,

(26). Connor Wood P,

27.Ross Divorty SR,

29. Rikki Sheriffe W/C

Scott Murrell and Ross Divorty were also in the Round 1 Premier Sports Championship Team of the week alongside Callum and Jarrad.

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