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The Daddy

What is the latest on Wakey and Cas' new stadiums?

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I really hope the review advocates a return to P&R Terry, even if we are best place to secure a licence.

I am so glad the whole process is subject to review and that that review is carried out with absolute transparency.

Of course, a review may suggest retaining the status quo.... we'll see.

Agree Robin. As far as I can see though, we'll be ready whatever the outcome...

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The Council will not own the stadium, as for the revenue I'm not sure. At the moment Trinity do not own Belle Vue but they do keep all the revenue generated from food/drink sales so as the organisation running the stadium are a not for profit, rugby league friendly outfit I imaging there will be an agreement similar to this.

Thanks for that. That's good news for Trinity.

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1. It's not about P & R it's about the grounds.

2. I fully expect a stupid crack from you in any thread. You have not disappointed.

3. As for the grounds I again passed Newmarket only last week and nothing has happened. At least up at Glasshoughton they put a hoarding up advertising the coal mine muck heap as the site of Cas's new stadium. They could not even manage this at Newmarket.

I suspect given the tin roof and patching up at Belle vue and equal plans for patching up Wheldon Road, we'll have three tired old grounds tarted up to give three tired old clubs another go to be "super"

How about a merger thread Browny?

Steady on there Parky, that third tired old club is quite envigorated at the moment and it's "tired" old ground has seen more development progress in the last 6 months than the other two have managed in 17 years.

The muck stack sign at Glasshoughton was quietly removed last summer, rumour has it that a developer wants to put an office block there.

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