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First Level Rugby League Coaching Course in Italy

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First Level Rugby League Coaching Course in Italy

The Federazione Italiana Rugby Football League (FIRFL) is pleased to announce the establishment of a first level coaching course throughout its participating regions. Running the course will be this year’s recently appointed Italian national team coach Tyrone Sterry.

The process will cover the basic structures of attack and defense that are implemented at a high level of rugby league and that are replicated from rugby union. New training drills, defense and way to improve rugby league skills are major components of the courses and also players training or development sessions with the Tyrone Sterry.

The course will be divided into two sessions: 1. Theoretical and on a field with the coach and an local or regional based team of rugby league

2. Theoretical

The course will be held in mid-March and will have as its separate core headquarters based in Rome (Tuscany and Lazio regions), Catania (Sicilia region) and Reggio Emilia (Marche and Emilia Romagna regions).

For more information contact the following national committees:

Lazio Committee - Riccardo Marini 3337631500

Toscano Committee - Luigi Ferraro 3336163818

Marche Committee - Guido Porcellini 3391715013

Sicilia Committee - Agatino Magri' 3497842442 - Massimo Nicotra 3356043801

Emilia Romagna Commitee - Marco Parrello 3349205550

Meanwhile, training sessions have already been scheduled throughout our regions notably first in Catania, Sicily and Rome, Lazio in anticipation for the Coppa Italia and r-Evolution league (Italian Rugby league Championship) and selections for the national team. The Catania based players begin their training and selection on February 7 at San Gregorio, while the rest of Sicily (Palermo, Ragusa, Siracusa and Floridia) will have a yet to be confirmed date in March for training and potential selection .The Romans began ate in January and have their second training date on February 11 at campo casal lumbroso.

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FIRFL Rugby League Coaching Course staged in Rome


Tyrone Sterry led the first FIRFL Italian rugby league coaching course held on 18 and 19 March at Roma V. During the course, the Italian national coach Tyrone Sterry, underlined the fundamental importance of the role of the coach, which should be the point of reference for the whole group.

The group and the team are crucial and are the basis of the success of the game. Sterry had explained that the mental approach to a coach should not be to impose from above a guideline, the skill and the ability of a leader also passes through the error and the assessment (evaluation) that the coaches offers a single player. Each episode can be beneficial therefore to the formation of a solid group that should together seek the quadrature of a circle, which ultimately guarantees results. The group aside from the theoretical section for the course, were shown the various stages of rugby league play and the technical approach to the games through practical demonstrations and drills. The 9 new coaches were highly appreciated of the work offered by the coach and will seek to develop the game strategies outlined above. The two-day event was attended by the following rugby league clubs: Roma V (Coppa Italia), Rugby Roma Club (Development), Portaportese Rugby Roma 2000 (Development), Tivoli Rugby (Development), Viterbo Rugby (Development), and Usag Rugby (Coppa Italia).

On the second day, Tyrone Sterry held a special training session dedicated to Under-10 and Under-8 young rugby players, which participated in rugby league for the first time.

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FIRFL Coaching Course: Second Stage held in Sicily

The national rugby league coach Tyron Sterry, has completed a two-day course in Catania on the island of Sicily. There was so much enthusiasm among the prospective coaches and trainers that accompanied this stage with a twinning between the Mediterranean warmth and solidity. Tino Magri, assistant national coach and Rectores Belpasso President stated: "The course as well as striking has been very constructive, a committed person that has given us the Anglo-Saxon mentality that we were missing. We immediately adopted Sterry, and you can see already the initial results. The boys were very excited and have understood the working philosophy. The difference lies in the pace and in the quality. The most important aspect - concludes Magrì - is to participate in training athletes and offer every aspect as a challenge. We must make it clear that there are no wrong choices; there are choices and choices not made. So you give importance to the player on the pitch.” The two day course also held a player development session for interest Sicilian based players with Tyron Sterry.


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