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matt newsholme

Castlefords new twinning arrangement

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1. I think it's there when the likes of Moore and Leuluai are set to play.

2. Your club doesn't need to do these things to survive.

3. What I object to you doing is calling someone arrogant and disrespectful when guess what - he may well not be?

You saying Keighley, Hunslet York, Workington etc need to link up with SL clubs to survive? I dont have ths opinion as these clubs have survived for decades on similar crowds and money. Every club and the RFL needs to look at things at look at what it wants and how it will achieve it. I think many of the games problems are results from poor management and decision making. The DR for me is a further poor decisionj that will hurt clubs longerm and something thats not been properly thought through.

I have different opinions with a few on here, but I respect their decision and their mine. Posters like Rob in Evans and l Ange (Chris) for example. But with JohnM the way he belittles people and with his often arrogant and ignorant manner on here , I dont have time for such people.

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