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Honor James

Kate Hardcastle profiled in The Times today ... blink, gasp, wow!

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Ha ....... so a whippet is a sort of small, thin racing dog.

Unfortunate name for a dog, in a way, unless you see it written down. Well, unfortunate for any animal actually.

This one's a Donovan cap, by the way.


I made one for myself. Summer 1966.

You couldn't get one in a small chrome mining town in what was then still called Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), so I made one. Got a picture of myself wearing it, somewhere in a box under heaps of other memorabilia - which may keep my grandchildren amused for an hour or two one wet afternoon when I am pushing up dasies. Anyone else been watching Bridges of Madison County ...............

Now what on earth has all that got to do with Rugby League? tsk, tsk (always wanted to write that since I used to see it in my brother's copies of the Beano way back goodness knows when).


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