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Heywood Tiger

Starting 13?

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Is anybody able and willing to predict a starting 17 for Sunday and the coming season?

I am a bit lost as to who is in the squad and whose not. There are no profiles or squad lists on the website and even the signing on thread has disappeared.

Im looking forward to this year as from what ive seen we have a really good squad, it would be nice to know for certain who we have though.

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Please find attached a list of players and squad numbers not sure if this is all of them :


1 Wayne English Wheatsheaf Centre

2 Gaz Langley

3 Owen Livesey AAA Pest Control

4 Tony Stewart

5 Dave Sutton

6 Paul Crook Phil & Mick Bull

7 Steven Roper Jim Stringer

8 John Cookson Cameron Heap

9 Alex McClurg

10 Warren Thompson

11 Chris Baines

12 Dayne Donoghue Shaw Mitchell

13 Jordan Case

14 Alex Trumper

15 Benji Lloyd

16 Danny Davies

17 Martin Waring

18 Gareth Frodsham

19 Andy Ainscough

20 Joe Bate

21 John Walker

22 Mike Ratu The Loyalists

23 Dave Hull BDL

24 Mark Goodman

25 Simon Atherton

26 Dave Llewellyn

27 Jayden Sandford

33 Lewis Sheridan

34 Fraser Jones Lake

35 Ryan Brown

36 Andy Unsworth Mr Critchley

37 Barry Clarke

38 Jack Knowles

39 Liam Whalley

40 Will Chadwick

To sponsor a player and recieve tannoy announcemnts, printing in the programme and recieve the players shirt at the end of the season, please contact the office

Taken from the Hornets newsletter 30th January 2013

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