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Institutional Racism in RL

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Sorry, it basically related to young athletes being stereotyped on racial grounds. Eg, black players being perceived as fast and moved into peripheral positions at an early age, without being given an opportunity in pivot/decision making roles (eg, quarterback, scrum half etc).

There have been various studies into this phenomenon in the past and you'd like to think we've moved on but it'd be interesting to find out for sure.

Black people are generally faster though they have denser bones so therefore can run faster, that's not a racial stereotype that's a scientific fact. So its technically not a stereotype to assume a black person would be faster than a white person. But then again why can't a fast player play half back?

Obviously its quite a deep subject to get into but I would also like to think that any form of racial stereotyping is a thing of the past.

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You would also like to think that a good coach would play a player in his best position

Unfortunately - in my experience, particularly at youth level, there are too many poor coaches. People who see themselves as SL coaches or who are their to simply make sure their child is the star player.

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