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John Drake

World Club Challenge: Leeds Rhinos v Melbourne Storm

Who will win?  

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  1. 1. Who will win?

    • Leeds Rhinos by 13 points or more
    • Leeds Rhinos by 7 to 12 points
    • Leeds Rhinos by 1 - 6 points
    • Melbourne Storm by 1 - 6 points
    • Melbourne Storm by 7 to 12 points
    • Melbourne Storm by 13 points or more

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I'm no Leeds fan but don't see how it was a great result for RL. More reasons for Aussies to dismiss anything not Aussie is not good news for the game.

And five months is stretching it somewhat.

We've had the sensible analysis,now it's the turn of the trolls.

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Well done Storm, absolutely delighted that you won it - great result for Rugby League.

As for Leeds - on their own ground, with "The World's Best Player" in their side, along with a referee who is embarassingly biased towards them and playing against a team 13,000 miles from home that hadn't played together for 5 months and was missing 6 of their Grand Final-winning squad - it just shows how mediocre Leeds are and what a 2nd rate competition Superleague has become.

Still, Leeds lost so I'm very pleased indeed!! :D

For starters Sinfield isn't the worlds best player, people know that. Melbourne had the 3 best players in the world in their side.

Thaler wasn't as bad as you're making out, he missed decisions for both sides.

5 months is stretching it plus they've been playing together in a training camp for the last ten days and have had pre season. You don't see people on the first game of the season saying 'we lost as we haven't played together for the last few months.'

Leeds were missing 5 of their Grand Final winning squad also you're forgetting.

So a side with the three best players in the world playing for them who dominated the best league in the world could only beat a mediocre side from a second rate competition who were missing nearly a third of their squad by four points. That doesn't sound very impressive by Melbourne, I don't even know why they were celebrating the win.

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There are quite a few comments about te ref being pro Leeds ,but did anyone comment about the ref in 2010 at E R when Silverwood appered to be very biased against Melbourne.Nice to see you back BITOFAHICK

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