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Eddie Hemmings

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It's interesting that Andrew Voss hasn't yet got a regular commentary job for the NRL this year. He did the Warriors v Broncos pre-season game on Saturday for Sky NZ but his Twitter feed shows that he doesn't know whether he'll be commentating every week.

He irritates some people but I still think he's probably the best of the Aussie commentators.

I know Eddie and Stevo are part of Sky's RL heritage but I don't think it would do the sport any harm to have a different voice now and then. If they only covered one of the two Sky games a week, people might find them less annoying.

I wouldn't like an Australian.

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The amount of times he asks the others what the rules are,is quite extradinary.How can you possibly be a professional commentator,without knowing the current rules - truely unbelievable.

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