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Crusaders Slay Oldham

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Fair comments AlwaysCru but sometimes we need to take a reality check....I don't think you'll find one Oldham supporter who wants the link-up with Salford but we don't have to deal with the clubs finances , or lack of in our case . If you include the massive problem we have of trying to get Whitebank upgraded to at least minimum RFL standards it is easy to see that we don't have buckets of cash to throw at a squad big enough or good enough to be capable of challenging for promotion so maybe it was inevitable that Oldham would need to pursue the DR option whether we like it or not.

As for charging £1 or £2 extra on the gate I wouldn't mind but the club already get plenty of flak about admission charges from both home and away support given the condition of Whitebank so this is not really an option .

We were told that we would be looking more at season long loan signings rather than DR players and if this is what happens thats fine by me as the incoming player has to fight for his place in the team like everyone else and this would have little or no effect on team morale which had been so evident in our 2 previous games . I just hope that what happened at your place will not be repeated during the league season and we don't take DR players at a moments notice , unless its to cover for injuries , as I think that will result in more performances like we had to endure last Sunday and thats simply not good enough .

It remains to be seen whether the club has made the right decision but all I was trying to get over is that imo you find us a much more difficult proposition next time we meet . I certainly hope so .

Best of luck for the season .

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