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DR Reaction

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First it was Ralph Rimmer reducing the Nl1 central funding, then the reduction of fixtures in the season add to that the lack of development of the stadium,(making promotion out of our reach even if top of the league) and now DR shambles. Its a dogs breakfast now in CH and CH1...trouble is I have known better MUCH Better as an ORLFC fan, the current lower league outlook is no longer enervating and exciting me.

The RFL know whats best for us though .....dont they.....

Chris has got development plans for this year.....Hasnt he....

The ORLFC faithful fans will keep coming...wont they....

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Personally, RR is pretty much two faced. When Huddersfield were in Northern Ford Premiership, he was in favour of keeping P&R alive, how ironic that when the Giants got promoted, they wanted the stable door bolted. It was then, the Giants had big ideas to try and swap our town with promises of them going into our amateur clubs, offering them first class coaching, a player pathway etc.... Most clubs apart from Saddleworth saw through it, and all the Giants wanted was to flog season tickets to the parents and players. Did Saddleworth gain anything from the link up? Nothing whatsoever.

Again, isn't ironic that Huddersfields amateur scene is rubbish compared to that of neigbouring Halifax....I see a trend happening.

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