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Bedford Roughyed

England 30-man training squad

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Ablett, Wilkin JJb, Chase, Mcguire .

Yes them 5 would be shown the door for me

Ablett = Average Joe

Wilkin= Amazed he keeps getting selected

JJB =Maybe 3/4 years ago but not now

Chase = Headless chicken and he aint English

McGuire= Main attribute pace but now gone

I'll add that if the squad is based on current form how come Ellis who aint played a game yet gets selected and Mossop who is out injured for weeks and was way overrated in the first place are in.

Sinfield being the golden boot :rolleyes: i suppose has got to be included but internationally at SO or LF he'll be shown up,added to that wtf is Morley at he's age doing in that squad,Peacock did the decent thing by retiring(and he probably could still do a job)Morley seems to be the David Beckham of RL,does'nt know when to hang up his international boots,mind you i blame SM for picking him.

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I would imagine he'll be used in the forwards. :rolleyes:

The Aussie and Kiwi second rowers are no doubt shitting themselves at the prospect of facing Carl Ablett...

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