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Danny Brough for Scotland, again ?

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Apparently he destroyed Leeds at Headingley last night scoring one creating several for the Giants. If he dosn't get picked for England, Scotland will have one very decent halfback in their squad.

they'll have 2 if,as expected,peter wallace from brisbane,plays for scotland too

If Danny Brough and Peter Wallace both play for Scotland in the WC, then the Scots will still only have 1 very decent halfback. And it won't be the one with the Aussie accent...

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Maybe, just maybe, McNamara's doing the honourable thing and not picking him since he's already played top-level international RL for another country.

Like Garreth Carvell (Wales RLWC2000), Rangi Chase (NZ Maori 2008 & 2010, Exiles 2011), Michael McIllorum (Ireland RLWC08)?

I think that's enough to put this one to bed. That, and the fact he picked him last year anyway!

Honour is not the reason why he's not been picked, nor a reason why he shouldn't.

Having already played for Scotland in a World Cup ― the highest level that exists in any sport ― he shouldn't ever be allowed to switch allegiances.

Whether you think he should or shouldn't is irrelevant to the fact that it IS allowed to happen, and IS happening with other players within the very same squad (Carvell and MciIllorum), let alone other nations.

Players make their decisions within the rules and shouldn't be disadvantaged by doing what is acceptable under them rules.

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I've no idea for the reasoning behind the omission, perhaps something went on behind the scenes in camp when Brough was last selected? Perhaps there was a fall out or Brough had the wrong attitude.

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