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Great point superdude when CH stood up in QEH in 1997 he did say that he won't pay players to sit in the stand and in the first year he stood by this but I think this has gone due to him taking a hefty contract every year

Oldham have paid very contracts to a few players every year without much success

I see no difference in old days when players got in a squad and a few played in A team to prove themselves and got dragged in so team never got called till Saturday morning

Hopefully players getting messed about wake up and go back to play with their mates at waterhead St Anne's or Saddleworth and don't walk away from game due to people who take a lot of money of our great game

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was not arguing that point just responding to a post that at the time of your rebirth it was promised by the people on the stage that night one of them being the current chairman promised you would be back in super league within 5 years and your not

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