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Honor James

LISA Presents £15,000 Cheque To Leigh Centurions

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A great donation on behalf of the fans, but what do the fans get in return - for instance do they get a shareholding or any say in decision making?

Leigh are my nearest pro club - I'm just three miles to LSV. However, I've lived here for over six years and the profile of the club in the community is virtually non existent. I looked to see if they run holiday camps for my son and found it extremely difficult to find anything. Professional rugby league is a very expensive pastime and I can't help thinking that the attitude of many clubs - especially at Championships level - is to exploit that ever dwindling group of die-hards to the max, rather than look to welcome potential new fans.

The lack of automatic P&R doesn't put me off watching a club like Leigh. It's the price and the overall product on offer.

Apologies for putting something negative on what is certainly a good news story.

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Lrlfc run summer camps and work with local Jnr clubs, try for details. Also it would cost you £17 for you and your son to attend a game

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