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Sheffield V Featherstone.Thurs14th March.7.30pm K.O.

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Team selection, Has Andy Kain done something wrong. Last week I could understand with Benny Kaye missing. But to put him on the bench when Benny is starting and Ellis is on the bench why put Andy there as well.. It seems as if Daryll is determined to play Bussey anywhere as long as he is on the field. I have no objection to him being in the 17 but it seems as if we have to have him at the start. We have seen him as second row and now stand off when we have players who in my humble opinion are better equiped to play in these positions. I wait with bated breath to be shot down or as usual have this thread now ignored.

I dont understand why Kain was on bench when Bussey has been used as a back rower all season.

Confusing night.

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shocking!!! i think fev should be allowed to win every game. they allmost do ----------till it matters :lol:

No criticism of the Sheffield lads. They used the right tactics and deserved the result. Annoying and frustrating to witness a championship team that appear to lose their way when it matters.

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I am a Leyther first and foremost and I go to a lot of games as a neutral.

When you watch as a neutral you don't notice the ref as much but you do see the odd bad call but they usually even out over a game.

Last night me and my mates watched your game in the pub. We all agreed both sides were currently the best two in the Championship and that Sheffield deserved the win.

It is early in the season we all know you have more strength in depth when and if injuries bite.

My own team have not really performed to their potential let but I live in hope.

You lost a game big deal. Most teams do.

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