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Gary Coyle

Match Photos: Hawks v Haven

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Some great photos Gary, could we get access to the images of the pitch from the top of the stand? would like to use them on the club website.

If we can, can you email to

Ill forward some 2500 px wide images onto you, however there are certain conditions attached to their usage.

Images must be credited to when ever used online

Images must not be sold on for profit without my prior agreement or passed onto any other party/parties.

Images can only be used by Hunslet Hawks and can be used for any promotional material Hunslet Hawks sees fit, this includes matchday posters, matchday magazines and any general advertising material, any other usage must be cleared by me.

Images must not be printed and sold to the general public, images can be printed by Hunslet Hawks for general display purposes.

If you agree to these terms i will email you the images over.

Apologies if this seems a tad arsey but the RFL themselves stipulate some of these terms and conditions as do the agency i work for.


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Top man, ive forward 2 emails, each containing 4 different images of the ground from various angles.

If you should need higher resolution images let me know

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