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what shall we do?

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Ok so its looking likely that our new coach will be the wire youth coach. we have signed a few lads on from wire plus we get to use a number of their SL squad under the DR system. We are relying more and more on wire.

I'll admit that i was happy with the DR system that Swinton played under when Ste Mack was in charge. I believe his reasonings for leaving the club as the guy has never lied to the Swinton fans in the past and everybody that knows steve says he is a man of his word.

now here we get to the crux of my point.

Im not happy with the new coach one little bit. it does smack of being a nail in the coffin of our club. it makes it look like the powers that be have lost control of the board room and are heading straight towards being a feeder club.

Now it would be easy to finish my post here and let the thread degenerate into the same old boring rubbish we normally see. however, im going to TRY to take this thread in another direction.


I for one am not going to sit back and never go to another game ever again. that is just conceding defeat and kissing goodbye to Swinton. I am going to watch Swinton home and away. i am going to make my feelings known to the members of the board that i happen upon when the venture out of their ivory tower. i am going to make up and sing songs about our predicament like Swinton fans have done for years. Now more than ever Swinton fans need to unite behind the blue and white chevron. Swinton Lions need you.

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I understand everything you say barnie but I am finished with the club now. Sorry I can not take any more of this joke which is embarrasing our great club. I have cancelled my season ticket and John can shove it up his ######

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I may have missed it but I can't find it anywhere....has the new coach actually been named?

If its as the rumours suggest can we wait till the detail is known before we throw the towel in? I have a feeling that people like Greengrass, who are genuine supporters may regret a knee jerk reaction to what at the minute I presume is rumour.

I appreciate it may be naive to hope that even if the Warrington youth team coach is the new coach then he will become Swinton coach and his allegiance will be with the Lions completely. This needs clarifying post haste by the club.

If we are to be a pure feeder club then I honestly don't know what I will do in terms of support, I will be extremely upset...perhaps more so than when Station Rd bit the dust, at least there was fight for the club at that point. Don't think I can not support the Lions, always have, always will in all probability but the feeling will have changed.

Please show me we are remaining independent as a club. Generations of my family have fingers crossed.

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