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Historical Photos Please

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I'm looking for historical photos to put on the website but I'm starting to draw a blank - hopefully between us we can fill in a few gaps.

We need:

  • Squad/team photos from every year we can get. -I only have about 10 between 1931 and 2012, so there are lots of gaps.
  • Player photos - either in action or head shots.
  • Tries being scored.
  • Crowd photos - shots of the crowds at York matches

It doesn't matter where these come from as long as you don't steal them from The Press. You can scan them from old programmes or newspapers without any serious copyright issues.

Please be sure of what you're sending me so you don't get us into bother...

Please send them to:

and remember to tell me what year the Squad/Team photo was from or the name of the Player in the photo.

There is no time limit, but it'd be nice to crack on.



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Thanks to everyone who have sent photos so far. :D

Keep them coming though, there are still more bare patches than on last year's pitch.

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