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29/03/13 - Salford City Reds v Huddersfield Giants - KO 3pm

Who will win?  

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I didn't realise Brough was playing until he stepped up to take a conversion.

Huddersfield looked better when Crabtree went off, better tactics rather than the pass it to Eorl tactic.

Robinson should have gone for the drop goal rather than a cross field kick.

There can be a tendancy to, too much of the pass it to Eorl thing, The much talked of big pack brought in by P Anderson is not as yet doing the business IMO.

Brough can, like many players have his bad spells, He can also be very good and take sides to pieces, You were lucky in so much as you got him on a bad day.

Robonson maybe should have gone for a drop, Maybe the Ref should have given Faumu a try, If Brough had not hit the upright, On such things are games won and lost all season. End of the day Salford won and rightly so, I hope they kick on from it.

We are not contenders yet but i think you would agree that had the two players you have mentioned,( or the whole team ) played all season like they did yesterday we would not be 3rd in the league, Widnes showed that no team is ever unbeatable, The fact is if you turn up and don't play you get tonked, I think it will be another bad day on Monday unless they learn the lesson Salford gave them.

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Sorry Tony but if that is true you have simply not taken that much notice! This has been (one of many admittedly :wacko: )my prime gripe with Brough and I have repeated it so often that his tendency to want or more importantly; NOT WANT to take part in games his is biggest failing. Having watched the lad for so long now this has always struck me and I feel that it is the reason that he hasn't gained rep honours, that he would have had he not got this switching off problem.

This applies not simply to individual games but also to quite long periods of a season also, on song he can be wonderful but when not he is a very poor imitation of himself.

Fair enough, I stand corrected. I can only judge him on the games I've seen him play. That was definitely the worst I've seen from him, but your explanation does explain his lack of caps.

As for your next post, I think you are contenders, but that there is something not quite right and I reckon it's in the heads of the players. (Lack of belief?) If it is that, then it can be fixed fairly easily. Your coach needs to accept that he needs some different input and get hold of the right person to give it.

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I still think there is too much of the head shaking, blame the ref about Danny - especially when the going gets tough. He can learn a lot from Kevin Sinfield but in his defence he hasn't got the quality of Burrow / Mcguire alongside him.

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