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boro hornet

Easter Monday

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Given that we can't progress regardless of the result it'd be a good opportunity for Talbot to give some of the fringe players a run out and those that played three days ago a rest.

Weather forecast looks good.

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from the squad named on twitter there are a lot of changes from Friday with fringe players being given their chance.Will still be an interesting match and a chance for us to see squad players in competitive action

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as this forum now run its course and no one is interested in talking about the team and matches any more

I don't think so. The doom merchants are going to be quiet after two wins until they think of something else to complain about. A great weekend started off by beating the old enemy & then seeing the fringe lads pretty much function superbly against London yesterday. I am sure a few have brought themselves right into contention for a shirt versus Hunslet OB in the cup.

Now hears me being negative, the forums previous administrators brow beat so many contributors with post locks and bans for not towing the line. In this I believe posters have given up putting there two peneth in. It'll come back, the DR post was well contributed to if again some negative comments.

Some real positives to be taken from this weekend, although unlike our friends from down the A627M I'm not going to go OTT after a couple of wins, equally not suicidal after a couple of losses. The Naylor out campaign was murmured a few times in Limeside on Friday afternnon so its resort to form for the BIFFOS. The main positives for me this weekend are.

1. Dave Hull - Easily MOM for me at Whitebank and again steady yesterday.

2. Lewis Sheridan - Our Rob Burrow? Only 17 lets hope he is managed properly on and off the pitch as this lad wont be at Hornets long if he plays like he did yesterday every week.

3. Putting 100 people on last seasons attendance v Skolars when the game yesterday was a dead rubber.

I'm sure we can get a few more measured contributors as the season unfolds.

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