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If the eagles add some good barla players to their side they'll walk this league. Easily the best side the demons have played in years and that's counting widnes 21's, they're a proper mini pro outfit schooled well in RL.

Personally I'm indifferent to the duel reg issue. i like the raising of the standards but also believe that this is too low a level for champ one players right now. Also 4 champ one players at this level is worth roughly 30 points to a team in this division imo. The eagles have to play somewhere so I've no gripe with them but in reality their players would also develop better themselves if they we're playing in NCL 2, unfortunately there is no chance of promotion.

Ironically talking about BARLA I believe the Demons could be joining in the near future.

The three with Moorends connections who did play would play in the NCL with no problem and have all played at academy, service area standard (I don't mean just making the numbers up either) in the past, Tom Holt, Shaun Roberts and Alex Palmer.

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