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And some more expansion in the Sicilian stages:

Historic first Rugby League match played in Palermo (Sicily) and first outside East Sicily! Coppa Italia 2013 between Amatori Palermo and Iron Team (Palermo). Nearly 40 players


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A full day dedicated to rugby league with a big challenge: the USAG Roma arrive in Sicily to endeavour to bring home the title, but will have to contend against Rectores Belpasso aiming for their second consecutive Coppa success.
The Coppa Italia Finals will be staged at Monti Rossi field in Nicolosi, Catania on Sunday April 28. The action begins from 10.30am with music and entertainment awaiting the FINAL 3 teams (starting at 12.30) – USAG (Arlecchini Gladiators) Roma, Palermo League and Rectores Belpasso (Catania) which will decide the Italian Cup champions.
The President of the Federazione Italiana RFL (FIRFL) David Massitti, will deliver the coaching certificates. Then the big part begins with the customary third place.
"Compared to last year we have improved alot – ensures Tino Magrì, Captain of Rectores. We are very motivated. I'm very confident. The guys believe strongly in the retaining the Coppa Italia. But we will have tough opponents. We will play on the field: there is nothing obvious in rugby.”
"Even the coaches-continues Magrì-was crucial in view of the preparation of the Coppa Italia, Tyron Sterry has left important concepts we have used right from the start. We applied his method and the growth has been seen with the boys, even off the field. You are empowered. Now we just have to not give up and play.”

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USAG Roma win the Italian Cup in Sicilian Rugby League feast


In the splendid setting of the Monti Rossi stadium in Nicolosi, Catania on Sunday, April 28 the finals of the Coppa Italia Rugby League were held by the Federazione Italiana Rugby Football League.

In front of over a thousand enthusiastic spectators for a new formula that saw three games played in the space of a few hours.

The USAG Roma had opened the event facing Thirteen Lovers Palermo, a new franchise in the Italian Rugby League scence. The end result (30-10) put the USAG in a position to play for the Italian Cup in the second game against the Rectores Belpasso, but objectively, it had not reflected the real value shown by the Palermo team who became the protagonists of a great performance.

The attention than turned to the hosts Rectores Belpasso who fought hard to keep the trophy in the game. The match was very balanced, with the first half going in favour for the Arlecchini Gladiators  (2 tries to 0). In the second half saw the comeback of the Belpasso 13, which had them recover the two tries with two wonderful set plays, than paid with further fatigue as the USAG were ready to return with attacking prowess, with half Martellucci scoring and the excellent performance by the pitch of the Lombardi, led to the final result of 16 to 10 that has crowned USAG Roma the 2013 Coppa Italia champions!

In the final for the second and third ranking the Palermo lineup, driven by Captain Danilo Lo Re, showed off a spectacular game and only at the end of the match saw the hosts Belpasso win the second place of the 2013 Coppa Italia with a score of 28-22.

The Coppa Italia Finals were covered by national TV station Sport Italia 24 with some highlights and an interview with FIRFL president (David Massitti – in Italian):

All Photos:











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Great stuff guys, is the revolution league going ahead this year? How many teams?


yes definitely, unfortunately we have to keep info "in house" until closer to the dates but there will be three conferences I believe. I'll be over in Italy from May 22!


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Italy to play Rest of the World in Southern Italy

The Federazione Italiana RFL (FIRFL) look set to create international rugby league history after announcing their Italia Azzurri XIII National Team will play their first International against a ‘Rest of the World’ team named the Barbarian Warriors Rugby League.

The international will be played at Stadio campo da Rugby Dan Giorgio in Palmi, Reggio Calabria right near the beach in Southern Italy bordering the Island of Sicily on May 25 at 5.30pm. On 3 May, the Palmi town council; deputy-mayor Giuseppe Mattiani , councillor Antonio Papalia and council Vice-President Carmelo Ciappina with FIRFL delegate Rocco Filippone met to present the International Test-match proposal to select local media.

Palmi Mayor Giovanni Barone stated "I welcome the proposal of the Federazione Italiana Rugby Football League for Palmi and a reality that this sport has given more,” elaborating about the value of the proposal showcasing the city to national and even international fans together with a new sport. Deputy Mayor Giuseppe Mattiani pointed out that "the importance of the test match which will take place on 25 May will open once the city to a top international Rugby tradition. The acceptance of the proposal will be established with only benefits (for us) without any burden.”

The match will be an historic occasion not only for the Calabrese who often fall shy of international events, but for Italian Rugby League as it will be the first international played outside the north, which includes a number of international or tour matches from 1949 to 1961 and since league returned to Italian soil in 2006.

The FIRFL’s national development approach has allowed the federation to feature players from Northern to Southern Italy as an Italian Tredici first. The squad was selected after training stages with the national based r-Evolution league clubs supervised by national coach Ty Sterry, along with selections from the recent Coppa Italia Finals. It will also feature an all Italian (domestic) born and bred Azzurri line-up for the first time since 1960 when Italy faced a touring star-studded world champions Australian Kangaroos and lost 67-22 in Treviso and 37-15 in Padova.

The Barbarian Warriors are a Rest of the World squad that is similar to concepts such as “Other Nationalities” (non-GB players in England) that competed mostly in the European Championship from 1949-1960 and also the “Exiles” from 2011-2013 (non-English players in the Super League). Also the Rest of the World played Australia and GB in 5 matches from 1957 to 1997. In what could be one of the most diverse international selections in the history of rugby league it will feature players representing at least five major regions, including the UK, Europe, South America, Australia and Pacific Islands.







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It'll be interesting to see the strength of the opposition, and we can maybe look at including the fixture as one to count towards the unofficial world rankings.

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Will it be an Official Rest of the World team or a Rebel Rest of the World?

yes it will be the "rebel". There will be players confirmed from Spain, Argentina, Australia, NZ, Great Britain, Serbia, Samoa, and maybe some young Italians thrown in.

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Italian Rugby Star shows support for Italian League cousins
In the lead up to the Italian Rugby League (FIRFL) national team’s international match against the Rest of the World on May 25 at 5.30pm in Palmi, Reggio Calabria at campo da Rugby San Giorgio an Italian Rugby star has lent his support to the Azzurri XIII.
Andrea Masi, a star for the Italian Azzurri Rugby Union team and 2011 6 Nations Player of the Year, as well as a leading contender for the 2013 honour has sent his support to the Italian Azzurri Rugby League squad (FIRFL) and national coach Tyrone Sterry for their International against the Barbarian Warriors.
In a sign of good faith between the two sports in Italy that matches an FIRFL movement belief and the process in how we develop the sport, Andrea sent the following to the squad via our social networking pages and personally to Tyrone Sterry “A big good luck for Saturday's match. To get a chance to play to defend the colours of your country is a great honour, be proud to wear the azzurri (blue) shirt! Forza Italia!”
The FIRFL than thanked Andrea, who now plays in London, for his support of the Azzurri and Tyrone with the Italian star surprising us with “it was a pleasure, I am a big fan of rugby league!”


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First victory for the Italy Azzurri Rugby League national team (FIRFL)

On a beautiful sunny day and historic celebration, the presence of

1000 spectators, the Italian National Rugby League FIRFL, has brought

home the first international victory of the year, with an overwhelming

26-4 win against the Barbarian Warriors RL.

On the slopes of Sant'Elia, in the "campo San Giorgio" of Palmi, the

Azzurri have given rise to a breathtaking performance, asserting their

strong physics and technical knowledge from the first sets, playing a

strong first half starting through scoring a 7th minute try with

Simone Carloni (conversion to Di Maura).

Since the first sets the game was characterized by high intensity

physical impacts where the Italian national team gave an impression

for the match ahead thanks to a high quality defense, winning all head

to head contests, showing very good physical preparation.

With the development of the match, the game plan had changed with

attacking on the first stage of the game with large and spectacular

plays in the second half of the match.

Despite physical fatigue, the intense level of rugby league expressed

by both teams remained very high.

Particularly, the effectiveness of the newcomers (Barbarian) actions

help contributed through their actions and physicality, which

stimulated their companions and dragged down the aggressiveness of

their opposition, until the Azzurri came to a solid victory.

A highlight was the performance of De Castro and Di Pasquale.

At the end of the match the eager head coach Ty Sterry stated "the

whole team and the staff was waiting for a great performance even if

the group is new and certain mechanisms need to be refined and

perfected. We were able to bring home the match thanks to a great and

generous defence that held the opponents to make mistakes exploited at

their best by the Azzurri."

The spirit of Rugby League was evident with both teams forming a circle

after the match as the Azzurri sang the national anthem in

celebration, Fratelli d'Italia.

These players battled on the field but are now brothers of league off it!


Match Report.

First Half: 7° minute try Carloni conversion Di Maura (Ita); 15°

minute try non conversion Bianco (Barbarians); 20° minute try

Carloni conversion Di Maura (Ita); 40° try De Castro non

Conversion (Ita) partial result 16/4

Second Half: 25° try Kasparek (Ita) conversion Di Maura; 39°

try Genua.

Note: 1000 spectators; Man of the match: Simone Carloni (Ita)

ITALIA: Russotto Matteo Francesco (Albinea); Parrello Marco (Albinea);

De Pascali Gianni (Albinea); De Castro Jobel (Magnifici) ; Martellucci

Simone (Gladiators); Kasparek Nicholas (Gladiators); Carloni Simone

(Gladiators); Lodetti Aurelio (Palermo Lovers XIII); Dimaura Emiliano

(Spartana Catania) ; Ferraro Luigi (Magnifici); Sirbu Costantin Daniel

(Gladiators); Lanzano Arturo (Albinea); Ippoliti Alessandro

(Gladiators); Genua Gianluca (Magnifici); Finocchiaro Alfio (Rectores);

Capitano: Pierluigi Gentile (Gladiators). Vice Capitano Luca Bigi (Albinea)

Coach Ty Sterry. Vice coach Agatino Magrí. Preparatore atletico

Luciano Gorla. Team Manager Riccardo Marini

BARBARIANS: Dublino Luciano (Napoli); Pablo Enriquez (Spagna);

Andrea Ferrante (Napoli); Nappi Claudio (Napoli); Carl Manu (Samoa e

NZ); Ignacio Battilana (Argentina) ; John Mc Donald (Scozia); Orlando

Brizzi (Italia); Felisa Vahi (Tonga); Gianandrea Dublino (Italia);

Slobodan Manak (Serbia); Caruso Antonio (Italia); Cristoni Stefano

(Italia); Alessandro Spina (Italia); Poli Marco (Italia).

Capitano Durant Greber (Sud Africa), Vice capitano Bianco Simone

(Italia). Allenatore Joel Morgan (Australia). Final changes made

before 5.30pm kick off.

Referees (on field): Roberto D' Amico (Italia) ; Sebastian Velasquez (

Argentina )

in Italy so difficult to repost photos quickly atm sorry but they are at:

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First International Lazio Rugby Tournament to grow Junior and Women's
Rugby League


From Thursday, June 6 the first international edition of "Lazio
Rugbeer" organised by Rugby Citta di Frascati, the first international
event in Italy able to encapsulate all categories of rugby.

The tournament Categories feature women's rugby league 9's, u16 junior
rugby league (rugby a 13 - male), Rugby Seven International male and Masters
Rugby (15) will compete for the trophy of the "Lazio Rugbeer". The
event will also feature the Nondies, the oldest team in Nairobi, which
is preparing to celebrate the 90 years since the founding.

"Lazio Rugbeer" is a unique event in Italy that developed the
combination of different elements. A major Rugby tournament with four
days of viewing and entertainment with over 45 stands, rest area, and
an inflatable playground entirely designed to entertain visitors of
all ages.
Thanks to the collaboration of Birra Peroni, Italian Rugby Federation,
"Tour Music Fest an entry for Mogol", FIRFL and international
competitions of Freestyle fast Foot and Bmx Trial, the cast "Miss
Motorissima" will ensure 4 days of fun ahead.

The entire event will be inside a Vip Village, and a stand where you
can taste typical products, go shopping, enjoy beer and listen to
music from "International Festival of emerging Music, plus the chance
to see live the car "Kitt Knight Rider" of the American television
series in the 80's.
Saturday 8 June Vip Village will be not only feature the Theatre Prize
of the tournament but also the "White Party" Vip Village that will see
the world champions of fireworks from 2012 "Caput Lucis" of Valmontone
lighting up a fireworks display.

To follow will be DjSet & Vocalist Passerini Brothers.

Sunday, June 9 at the end of the event will be casting and the parade
of girls with the "Miss Motorissima 2013".
At the event will be the official birth of the first school of Rugby
in Malindi, Kenya, twinned with the Rugby Citta of Frascati. The
company is founded by IAKC (Kilifi Country Investor Association) and
sponsored by Amani Riviera Ltd. Throughout the event, and will involve
the "Museum of Rugby", where they will expose the public to the
countless shirts worn by champions.
Special guests: Paolo Cecinelli rugby commentator and journalist, La7,
and writer Giacomo Mazzocchi presenting to the public the book "we are
Heroes" published by Minerva.

Tournament Schedule:

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three teams yesterday participated in the Womens 9s won by Red e Blu Rugby (Roma), than Frascati and I think Cus Roma. photos will be on our facebook in near future. some good talent (speed/lines) cobsidering only limitrd games/exp

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r-Evolution League kicks off in Central Italy

The 2013 r-Evolution League kicked off in Frosinone, Central Italy
recently under a new national based structure with North, Central and
South zones and with four new clubs.

The FIRFL Italian Rugby League Championship has a total of 9 clubs
split between the three groups, including Reggio Albinia (Reggio Rugby
and Rex Albinia partnership), Magnifici Firenze and new entry Falchi
Pesaro (Marche) in the north, Celtic Irish Ceprano (Frosinone), new
entry Bisconti Frosinone and champions Gladiators Roma in Central,
while 2012 Coppa Italia champions Rectores Belpasso join the
rEvolution League Southern zone in Sicily with founders Spartans
Acireale and new entry XIII Lovers Palermo (semi finalist in 2013
Coppa Italia).

It should be noted with the 56 clubs they fall under a three system
structure; rEvolution League (Italia Championship), Coppa Italia (tier
2) and developmental, all teams have been 100% verified by CONI
(Italian Sports Agency for government). The FIRFL has now undertaken
International, Championship (tier 1), Coppa Italia (tier 2),
developmental (clubs), Women (Rugby League 9s), Junior (u16 and soon
u14) activity and even social program's (rugby league in a prison!)
just for 2013.

Newly entered club the Bisonti ("Buffalo"), are a team founded on a
social project 'A.S.I.-Gruppo Idee' and created by Are officially
registered in the R-evolution the inmates of the prison in Frosinone.
It is the "Buffalo", team founded on a social project pursued by
"A.S.I.-Group Ideas" and invented by Luigi Ciavardini (national
director of activity in prisons) in collaboration with the Regional
Lazio Committee (Fidal) together with Claudio Monacelli, Bargelli
Ersilio, Stefano Todino and Stefano Marcotulli. Long sentence
prisoners can support only those matches, so the Gladiators have
decided to play both matches inside the prison to give them an
opportunity to play.
The idea was born during the coaches course that took place two months
ago in Rome.

"We have been proposed to participate in this social project and we
have accepted with pride," said Pierluigi Gentile, Secretary General
of Firfl.

"Federal trainers became available, in agreement with the Director and
the Association" 'A.S.I.-Gruppo Idee' to come to the Institute in the
free hours of detainees to illustrate the rules of Rugby 13. The
matches will be carried out within the same prison in Frosinone, who
owns a regulatory rugby field. During this month ? Gentile stated ? we
have continued an intense programme of training to get the guys used
to the game if 13. The Federation is very proud to have the
opportunity to pursue a project like this. The 13-a-side sport becomes
the vehicle of important values, it is a pleasure to work with the
guys from the jail. I would like to thank officially the Penitentiary
Administration and the Asi-Group Ideas that both believe in this
project ".

The Celtic Irish Ceprano are a dual rugby club organised by Mr
Massimiliano Ceccacci "it is a reality that I created from scratch in
2010 localised between Ceccano and Sora where there are other rugby
clubs. After an experience in union this season we decided to try
Rugby League. More so, the principle that inspires us is the same as
the Firfl, namely to promote our sport in all its forms. " The Celtic
Irish, as is clear from its name, have strong ties with Ireland. "We
have close relationships with former Irish players, an important
contact with the Irish Embassy in Rome and a partnership with the
University of Cork ? explains Ceccacci. Also before our matches a band
will perform with bagpipes. Our club, however, represents around 15-16
counties over the area while playing the matches in Ceprano field
equipped with synthetic grass. President Ceccacci is a "raging river"
in terms of initiatives: the activities of the club, in fact, is not
limited only to the first team. In addition to the group that play in
the rEvolution League under the technical direction of coach Carmine
Maio, we already have a university sector linked to the University of
Cassino and we're also in the process of establishing a women's group.
Furthermore ? we are always careful to establish solidarity projects
like the one that will be born in collaboration with the prison of
Cassino in order to raise awareness on the importance of sport among
the detainees."

r-Evolution League 2013


Match Report -

Match Report -


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rEvolution League: Sicilia Round 1

The FIRFL's Italian Rugby League Championship (the rEvolution League)

has begun to move its "first steps" in the Southern group with the

first round of fixtures played for the national based championship in

Nicolosi, Sicily. In a triple threat Sunday, a double victory from

2012 Coppa Italia champions Rectores Belpasso was the highlight as

they made their debuts in the rEvolution League over fellow newcomers

Thirteen Lovers Palermo and the Sicilian Rugby League founders

Spartans Acireale (which in turn prevailed over Palermo).

The results:

South group, first day:

Rectores Belpasso-Thirteen Lovers Palermo 20-8

Thirteen Lovers Palermo-Spartans Acireale 10-18

Rectores Belpasso-Spartans Acireale 28-18

Massimo Nicotra, Spartans President and a Sicilian Rugby League

founder: "I want to thank individually all athletes who yesterday

played the first official game for Spartans Acireale in the 2013 FIRFL

Italian Championship Rugby League. Starting from Alexandro Chillemi

who was available although he did not play, continuing with those who

have played less league but contributed Luciano Privitera and Simone

Gaggamella Di Carlo. Continuing with the gallant boys of Cus Catania:

Carlo Mammana, Matteo CInquerrui, Giulio Di Mauro, Cristian Foti and

Alberto Toscano. Eternal thanks to everyone who followed me (in

growing the game) for so these years including Attilio Bonnici, Andrea

D'arrigo, Diego Irato and Claudio Nocera, the legendary captain of

many battles Federico Re and Salvo Catania. We added new athletes from

dell'acireale rugby Emanuele D'arrigo, Paolo Panebianco, Filippo

Pappalardo and Fabrizio Pulvirenti together with Luca Taschetta.

Finally, special thanks to Federico Dell'Aria, which we have both have

worked together and grown league passion for some time now.

I also thank my friend Tino Magrì with which we began a long and

tortuous path but shared good progress and new friends from Palermo

Danilo Lo Re, Aurelio Lodetti and Cosimo Di Chiara.

Ill always be proud of you for everything you do in this wonderful

sport called RUGBY LEAGUE."

Video Footage:

Thirteen Lovers Palermo and Spartans Acireale:

Rectores Belpasso and Spartans Acireale:

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A new and exciting event was formed by the FIRFL, last weekend (from Thursday to Sunday) at the "Stadio Cocciano" rugby, where Frascati staged the first "Lazio Rugbeer" partnered by the Federazione Italiana Rugby Football League (Firfl). As part of the event that took place, women's rugby league 9's and rugby league 13's for an Under 16 category took place. In the first case with the girls the victory went to Red e Blu of Colleferro who had the upper hand on opponents of Rugby Citta Frascati and CUS Roma, with athletes showing some solid potential and skill for the future women's movement, most notable speed, passes and line running. The Under 16 category, inturn, was won by Gladiators Roma (Lazio) celebrating over Frascati.

The first "Lazio Rugbeer" event, was confirmed as promotional work started by the FIRFL that proceeded in the right direction and has proven this mode rugby is taking shape more and more.

"We are satisfied with the event for what we have seen is under the sports point of view – media coverage work at the end of the competition - the Secretary of Firfl Pierluigi Gentile stated - the teams that participated on the field fought hard battles and performed a show. I would like to thank the Citta di Frascati Rugby – concluded Gentile - for the hospitality that has they granted us and I congratulate everyone for the success of the event."

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Sorry for posting late but have been busy in Italy this week plus some media have been receiving messages not to promote us so it is in Italian, three select photos attached in article

Results from last weekend. Pesaro debut and topple last years runners up already

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there was also an u14s match played before Rex Albinea and Falchi. falchi u14s vs Bats (San Marino, which is technically another country). ill upload photo tonight or tomrrow Italian time

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