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Cup attendances

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600 yesterday wasn't such a bad crowd when you look at what the rest got, it was probably a little bit less than I expected, but not that bad,

Sheffield got 300 and Fev and Leigh got just over 700, Barrow had one of the better crowds (850, was there many there from Leigh Miners ?).

Let's hope we get some of them back for the Keighley game, we need to crank up the noise for that one, I'm getting nervous already, it's a massive game.

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Don't forgit to buy the metal thing you hit it with or you'll just be standing there holding up a triangle and looking a right burk !!! You could tell passers by your a surveyor taking measurements if you want a cover story ... That's in the one a billion chance you find yourself in that situation . Dear me I shouldn't eat smarties before bed ...

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