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Scott Moore is a good case in point, he wouldn't get past 6 or 7 other hookers who are all ahead of him.

Roby, Clark, McIllorum, Burrow, Lunt, Houghton

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forget bench warmer, if George keeps going the way he is then I would have him starting every game!


His form in the NRL is almost unequalled


Quite agree, and thanks for the support.


Bobbruce: Thats absolutely correct concerning Moore, he has not played well enough nor long enough at NQ, nor was his form that inspiring and most importantly Bob he misses out on the credential I have pointed to; automatic selection because his form and play demands of it. He is not injured but dropped to the whatever comp there that is the equivalent of what was called once the A team over here. I would not say that he was playing that well either, competently, yes, but by no means outstanding




 Omega: I also agree with your rating of Moore alongside those other hookers , playing here too. I was surprised when I realised that he was in the NQ side but not at all so when he was overlooked as Kostyason having been a decent player at Melbourne, would I imagine, have gained the spot at hooker over Moore before long anyway. 

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